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COVID-19 UPDATE (May 2022)
I am very relieved that COVID is starting to become less of an everyday thought and consideration! However, my clients health and wellbeing is really important to me and therefore I have decided that I will continue to wear a mask for indoor sessions and continue to maintain high levels of cleanliness in my studio and sanitise regularly throughout sessions.

Whilst it is no longer required for everyone to undertake lateral flow tests, IF you have these available I would really appreciate it if you could do a test prior to any studio-based sessions. I still have a small supply of lateral flows tests so am sporadically testing. 

What I respectfully ask from clients:
> Ideally complete a lateral flow test prior to any indoor session (if available)
> To notify me as soon as possible if any member of your household becomes unwell prior to the session... we can always reschedule!
> Sanitise prior to, during and after the session.

Thanks for submitting!

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